From Founder i To Entrepreneur

Anyone can be a “founder”. Becoming an “entrepreneur” is another level of crazy and much more difficult.

It’s ultimately about growing your company and that often means in new markets.

We help Korean founders entering the US by removing early barriers and finding the right FIT.

Right fit in key areas such as:

  • Product Customer
  • Business Model Market Segment
  • Strategy Market Forces
  • Design and Branding Macro and Micro Trends
  • Founder(s) Team, Investors, and Advisors
  • KR operations US operations

  • Our Approach

    We bring Silicon Valley insights through education, mentorship, and a meaningful network.

    We believe that genuinely interested help from the right people at the right time is often the single most critical factor that determines success in the US. Even deep-pocketed Korean conglomerates have repeatedly suffered from partnering with the wrong people in the US - lightly resourced young companies obviously need to be especially thoughtful about the right “help” in the US.

    Once you have accomplished one or more of the following and have the desire to enter the high-profile and lucrative US market, we are ready to help with optimal strategy, right business model, and other early stage priority areas.

    • IP (creative, technological, and other trade secrets)
    • Core product development beyond POC
    • Validation from Korea market - through standard market validation process and/or product in public Beta

    We aim to keep things informal, fun, and positive - a few more of the ingredients we believe are necessary for great outcomes. Join us with good attitude, confidence, and grit!

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    We are Korean-American tech startup veterans based in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. We have in the past founded, operated, and exited multiple successful companies between us, and currently in pursuit of turning our latest ideas into thriving businesses. We have been through all of the highs and lows that you are going through and can fully empathize. And with that empathy as the foundation, we want to help you learn from what/how/why/where we have succeeded and failed.

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